Update leading to bigger questions on Christianity

What a set of weeks! I’m looking at “being drained” on a new level. All I can draw hope from is that TS Eliot and CS Lewis, according to their published personal letters, also spent their lives exhausted and doing too much, and look where they ended up, world renown ;-)

Quick sum up on where things are at: The PASS-IT-ON Books, 83 out and making their way around the world. 17 left to make. I’m no longer tracking where they are going as it isn’t possible to know.

My Photographs did not sell at the Home Industry Store. It is heartbreaking to see my work sitting there and not being attractive to anyone. Still, it was 2 weeks ago that I checked on them, maybe they did sell, but I don’t really have the heart to go and see them still sitting there. On the flip side, I left them there after 2 weeks of non-movement because they just looked so beautiful. Sunrises sitting there in this store full of bric-a-brac and cakes. It’s like they’re this light of hope and joy in a consumerist haven. Food and trinkets next to God’s Glorious Sunrises. No comparison really. I decided not to give up at the time I popped into the store; so two weeks ago I bought a stall space at what was sold to me as a “great opportunity”. Lies. I got a float, sorted out all the stock, even purchased packets to pass them on to buyers in, woke up early on my precious Saturday and headed to the ‘market’. What a joke. 2 food stands, two light food stands and kippy me with photos of sunrises, all sitting quite a far way away from the girls playing soccer. I was expecting so much more as it was the third year the ‘event’ had happened, silly me. I left very very angry and not a picture of a sunrise sold.

My books and plays: Eish! is sitting on the Kindle shelf gathering redundancy. “Choices” was published by “Off The Wall” Publishing last month. They turned down my play “Race on Race” though saying that although they found it very funny, international audiences would be offended by the openness of talking about racism. After Kindle being difficult on the third play, a couple of weeks later “Who I Am” was published on their site. Sales between the 3 items work out to about one a month between them all, so this has been a completely time-consuming and non-money generating activity. Good thing I LOVE writing, so I’d do it all again anyway, even if I knew sales would flop. I drew the cash I’d made from sales last month, R300, which was cool, not quite the R3000 odd I put into the exercise, but I’m getting used to monetary failure. I lost a couple of grand in creating South African badges back in 2007, and I’ve lost over a grand with the sunrise photograph story too. Weird thing is that I have given the photos out as gifts and people have put them on their desks, in their homes and on their walls… I have put two up in our ladies room at work and I’ve heard people complimenting them and loving them, yet people won’t pay for a sunrise because it’s given for free, even if they don’t wake up early enough to see it, everyday anyway. “April Fool” is sitting VERY neglected at the moment, and it’s continuously bothering me immensely, but I just can’t seem to force myself to sit and carry on typing it… :-(

Health: Chronic Fatigue has definitely lessened. YAY! Thanks Lord. I tried 3 sessions with a Body Talk Consultant and it was not a great experience. God is good and He led me there to learn things about my past that clarified a lot of things for me. Yet, as the sessions continued and the consultant showed that she was only interested in the “body talk” and not my holistic healing, I was not happy. She believes that the Self is shaped like a funnel with the Body being the most important, then the organs, then cells, then the “nothingness”. The “nothingness” being what she literally equated with the human soul! I see the Self as a pyramid, starting with the body as the base and the soul as the highest peak and most important part, the reason for existing, the goal, the top-most point a life can get to (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs idea). The consultant views situations as random and happening all the time to the body, so you have to “balance out” regularly to counter the random effects of the world. I believe nothing on this earth is random, that everything is planned to open opportunities to evolve the soul to a higher level, and that pandering to the whims of a body made to age and deteriorate is absurd, whereas living to enlighten and grow an eternal soul is a far more productive and joyful approach to life. Her views and beliefs clashed with mine at such a fundamental level that I had to get out of there. Still, what was interesting in my third and final session was that she told me, like a lady a year or so ago told me, that I am highly intuitive and have a genuine knowing within my being. To have this confirmed has left me in a bit of a conundrum… If I am highly intuitive and I “GET” things, then why am I at such a continuous clash with so many things so often? Why do so many people view me as the odd “anomaly”? Why does it happen that when I speak my thoughts and ideas people get so offended?

This leads to my Faith Journey: I went to another set of talks over 4 Wednesdays. The talks were entitled: The Talks Upstairs – THE TROUBLE WITH CHRISTIANITY IS… 1) It thinks it’s the only right religion 2) There’s too much suffering in the world 3) You have to believe the Bible and 4) The God who sends people to hell… Interestingly my last post on choosing my role model slotted in EXACTLY with night 1). I missed night 2) because I was with my sister and nephew in the hospital as my nephew had Swine Flu (H1N1 Virus… my Mom’s friend passed away with it a couple of weeks before, but my sister reckons my nephew got it at the Dept of Home Affairs 3 days earlier as H1N1 has 3 days incubation… Ebola is in the papers at the moment, but I’m not sure why H1N1 isn’t…?…) … Still, I ended up doing my own write up on why God ‘allows’ suffering. 3) I had issues with and 4) I had issues with… so, with being intuitive, and perpetually living in gratitude, continuously acknowledging God and living and breathing in His light, it would appear that I cannot call myself a Christian. Sigh. So once again I find myself on the outside looking in and only able to accept what my soul is YELLING at me is my truth: GOD IS ALL, GOD IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, GOD’S STORY DOES NOT END OR BEGIN IN ONE BOOK, GOD IS NOT AS SMALL AS HUMANS MAKE HIM OUT TO BE… That yells at me, screams at me as being my truth, a truth that does not fit into any religion. That’s why in my previous blog I noted how I chose Jesus Christ as my Role Model, the human I want to be like, the closest example we have of being like God… yet this is not being Christian… and what is the aside comment in my brain as I type that: “Jesus wasn’t a ‘Christian’ either”.

I have a friend, a devout Christian who works in a role connected to faith every day. She organised a fundraiser to raise funds for a Non-Profit-Christian organisation. She did all the ‘right’ things, dedicated herself in the preparation and the financial contribution needed to make the event happen, she even found a great big venue for free. What happened? Of the 40 people minimum she had expected and prepared for, 9 attended. She was bleak beyond belief, seeing it as a personal failure… I listened to the story. I pictured my financial layout for the photos that I believe God wanted me to pursue. The Badges. The Writing. Nothing. How do I deal with it? Simple, God called me to it for His reason, not mine. I gave it all that I could in time and money, I tried my best, it flopped. BUT, here’s the catch, it flopped in my opinion because I didn’t even recover the expenses, but I don’t believe the efforts flopped and/or failed in God’s opinion. You see 1) the photos and being at that stand, instead of showing anger, I showed appreciation to the person of different faith to me who organised the event; he has now befriended me on Facebook and is reading all my praise-passion-positivity-God-filled posts, every share I make on Facebook. 2) The badges were useless stock, so I took them overseas and gave them to outstanding learners. At a difficult all boys school where I supply taught at, the one class was so well behaved I gave each one a badge telling them it was because they were awesome. By God’s turn I ended up at that same school again at a later date and one of those same boys was in another lesson I was covering. When he saw me at the door he moved to the front of the line and said, “Miss I have something to show you.” I thought it odd, but said, “Sure.” He opened his blazer and pinned on the pocket inside was the same badge I’d given him weeks before, “Thanks Miss.” His smile was shy and his eyes were shining in appreciation, his soul had been touched. 3) At least 2 people have messaged me to tell me that my publishing Eish! has inspired them to get on with achieving their dreams… So do I feel like my efforts have flopped? Yes, because my view is limited and selfish. Does God think it was a flop? Probably not, because in the MUCH bigger picture of those 4 lives, things may just be changing with regards to their eternity. God can put however much He likes into our bank accounts, whenever He likes, but I believe that the invaluable moments of human connection and souls being loved are far more important to Him.

OK, by internet standards, this blog is already WAY too long… I’ll do different posts for my “Non-Christian” responses to the course. Stay as gorgeous as you are in God’s Mirror! HUGS xx

How I chose my Role Model – the process…

My process for choosing my role model unfolded like this (to write it out bluntly!):

In my mind it works like this: There are 6 possible categories that humans can choose from as their belief system, the thing in which they place their trust, meaning, purpose, faith etc – Nothing, Myself, Others, Money, Nature or God. Breaking each one down:

1) Nothing? Then what’s the point of being on the planet? What’s the point in anything? How do you get up out of bed each day? How do you survive each day? Why do you survive each day if it’s for nothing? I cannot answer these questions in any way at all; so I crossed out this option as worth its title.

2) Myself? Ha ha ha ha! Now that is funny! I am THE most challengingly complex human being I have ever come across! I make no sense to myself, emotions all over the show, ups and downs, highs and depressions, put on weight, lose weight, insecurities, constant changes in thoughts, opinions and the information I have. Change my career here and there, never have all the information, occasional procrastinator, boat-rocker etc etc etc… Believe in myself? That would just be daft! Seriously.

3) Others? Ha ha ha ha! A weird-strange lot others are. They are as insecure as I am, some have less brain power than I do, they fluctuate in so many ways it’s scary. Drinkers, smokers, abusers and manipulators. Many others are orientated around power and “being in control”, which is the biggest farce and delusional practice on the planet! One earth quake, one tidal-wave, one volcanic eruption, snake bite, heart attack, aneurism, spot of cancer, HIV, H1N1 and BAM! Guess what? You’re not in control. How can I put my trust in human beings when they are so messed up? Nah, I’ll pass on that one thanks.

4) Money. Whatever! You make it, you die and someone else gets it or spends months fighting over it. You invest it and there’s a recession. You have lots of it and get stuff and the stuff clutters your life and/or adds to your stress levels because you have to maintain it, keep it, insure it and/or worry about it. You travel with it and see this church, the next church and another church, or this hotel, then the next and the next, this beach and the next and the next, this meal and the next and the next… so what? What’s the meaning or purpose in that? Then you get home, the place that’s supposed to be your most favourite place in the world and it’s an anti-climax. Money is metal and paper. I can’t put faith in metal and paper. I prefer to collect it. Pass.

5) Nature. Now this is a better option than the others I reckon, but Nature can’t speak to me. Nature lives and dies, it has nothing eternal about it. That flower is BEAUTIFUL, but dead in a short while. Animals are enchanting, loving, violent, exquisite, unique and many many other adjectives, but they live and die in a short space of time without having done much. Sure, the sun and moon rise and set and there is a fair amount of consistency, but what’s the purpose? The earth is a volatile shape-shifter with its own agenda and unknown reasoning, leaving little to trust in. Nature is created by something more. I’d rather choose to follow the Creator and not the Creation, thanks.

6) God. Creator. Consistent. Permanent. Purposeful. LOVE. God is Love. BINGO! I choose this one. I choose God/Love, to trust in, to believe in and to have my purpose in. He sets a higher bar. He opens up the door to eternal and purpose beyond this messed up cruel world. He is HOPE. Hope for something better, hope for something good. HOPE and LOVE. Choosing God is thus a no-brainer for me. Nothing else offers the peace, hope, consistency and joy that God does. Nothing else makes sense, logical sense like God does. He is so constant and reliable He has been the same for Millenia!
Having worked through the 6 options, I thus had to break down the options of which ‘god’ to choose. This also ended up being a set of 6 representatives as Role Models towards approaching God: Buddha, Allah, Satan, range of Hindi gods, Other (Scientology, Confucius etc) and Jesus; all of whom served a higher purpose, a higher being.

1) Buddah? I went to Taiwan and lived there for 6 months. I spoke to the locals, I went to the temples and I tried to find out what it was all about. I was told they believed in this way because their parents did and their parents did and theirs and so on. The ‘ghost’ worship was a necessity, and that’s why they burnt ghost money… I didn’t get it. I didn’t feel it and my rational mind needed reason and information as to why I would place food on an alter for an invisible ‘god’ to ‘eat’. I was never settled or comfortable in any temple. Not the option for me.

2) Allah? I journeyed to Dubai for this. I listened to the Friday calling. I went into a mosque and saw a faith that makes old people have to bow down on their haunches to pray, a religion that separates men and women to prevent them from worshipping together, and a religion that practices Jihad: Killing other human beings ‘for god’. It also forces death on any who would leave the ‘faith’. I call that “Rule by Fear” and I don’t do Fear. I couldn’t accept it. In my quiet time, in my meditation time, I asked the Universe about it. The reply: “Religion is a power tool. A construct created by men, for men, in order to enforce control. God did not create religion, man did. NO MAN SHOULD KILL ANOTHER. Killing another is an act that takes power from God. It helps man feel superior to God. It takes away God’s right and power to work in that person’s life; His right to heal them and use them to promote His glory! Killing another human being is the same as killing hope. It is the antithesis of faith. It is the same as saying God is weak and cannot help the person. Only God decides when and how every life begins with His miracle of life: “creation”, and ONLY God should decide when and how that life should end, man is not part of that equation. Killing another shows a lack of trust in God.” That response confirmed that Islam was not for me.

3) Satan? The purest form of evil? What’s the point? Who would want to live in hate when they can live in love? Who would choose darkness over light? Angst and anger over peace and calm? Not me… I’m VERY happy to leave this one to the Satanists who worship eternal torture and a sick, twisted view of pain, hurt and harm as being the way to go. Madness, pure insanity in my opinion. Cross that one off the list with some blood.

4) Hindi? The elephant with all the arms scares me. The monkey-shaped god makes me very uncomfortable. The whole concept of worshipping ‘this god for this and the other for that’ I find most unsettling. Praying to this one and then that one and then the other one completely confuses me. It’s too scattered and disjointed for me and my logical one-stop-for-everything preference. I walked away from choosing a seemingly ‘multiple personality/being’ faith.

5) Scientology, Confucius etc? Just didn’t grab my soul and say: “YES!” This is the way the truth and the life. They are so iffy, and seem contrived and not so well established or grounded in something solid to believe, trust and put my faith in. Too based in ‘men’, so I couldn’t rationally choose any of these because that would contradict my decision in my first step not to believe in men. Tom Cruise and John Travolta can keep the hero worship, thanks.

6) Jesus? (I couldn’t go with the Pharisee-type, “law or else” approach of Judaism) I have only one conclusion: Wow! What a man! Reading about this man’s life, how he put the Pharisees in their place and how he loved those in need and helped those less fortunate. How he mentored weak people like me. How he understood suffering and how he held no anger, no hate, no judgment. How intelligent he was, how gracious and humble. How he said that LOVE is the most important thing in the world. How he confirmed and showed that humans should not kill, and he didn’t. This man’s actions matched his words. How he didn’t sit around writing or getting wives, he went out and taught, and shared, and loved. He acted, he did, he contributed, he helped. He offered people love, forgiveness, mercy and joy wherever he went. He aimed for a higher, greater, more wonderful development of self than any other person I have come across in history. He gave, and gave and gave, he never took, he never demanded and he never belittled or degraded. He adored children and helped and appreciated women. He worshipped a constant God, a true God, a God of LOVE. He was awesome. The thought of him and the stories around him create peace and joy in me like none of the others. I LOVE peace and joy and contentment. I love knowing that there is a purpose beyond this screwed up world of lost souls. I love that lost, unhappy people can be found. I love that those who are drowning in whatever it may be (fears, insecurities, hopelessness, debt, pain, ill-health, sadness, depression, whatever) can be completely saved and lifted up. All of this fuel to feed a fire ignited in my soul!

Through Jesus to God had to be my choice. Goodness, mercy, love, patience, peace, hope, why would anyone not want all that? It’s an instantaneous package deal of purpose and reason to get up in the morning. Most especially, it is for free. It is ‘Ruled by GRACE’. This is what has sold and signed the deal of my choice to follow the Role Model of Jesus Christ. There are no criteria, no jackets required, nothing but saying “I’m not happy with what I’ve done, who I’ve hurt and how I’m living, I’m sorry that I’ve chosen such unhappiness, but I know I don’t want the dark sadness anymore, I want light, love and joy, and I know I can get it through God the Father, be with me Lord, we will be awesome together” :-) WHAM! GRACE. It is done. You are loved. Full Stop. SO MUCH OF AWESOME!!! How could I not choose AWESOME Grace and being loved even though I’m so flawed?

Yes, so others ‘admire those who have faith’, and I’m like: Why on earth wouldn’t you choose AWESOMENESS over the crappiness of what this temporal, flawed, drugged, consumerist, nasty, violent, insecure and lonely world offers?

Ha! Not a chance I’m going to believe in anything but God and be guided by the ways of an AMAZING man, a true Son of God, whose life has been transcribed for MILLIONS, whose birth changed the time of Humanity from B.C. to A.D. ! Rock on! Yes folks, I made my logical choice … still, I’m the most complex person I’ve ever come across, so maybe it’s only logical to me… Still, there’s no way on planet earth I’d EVER give up knowing that I’m loved beyond comprehension, provided for beyond understanding and walking in the glory of unconditional love and grace. AMEN!

To those of you who have chosen something else, I take my hat off to you. I have NO IDEA how you get through each day without Love, Faith and/or Hope. Not a clue. Blessings to you.

New Knowledge, Future Idea merging… Who’s going to be able to?

Where is the new knowledge going to come from?

According to a 2006 article: “Today’s academic and professional workforce is more diverse than at any [other] time in history. For the first time, four generations function together in the work environment.” Weick & Landrum. The writers connect this to increased stress, conflicting values and a need to build resilience in the workplace. It was frightening to read just how different the four generations are in their work ethic, approach to life and the ways in which they handle things; no wonder the stress is so high when people naturally see challenges and solutions so differently.

I’m a “Gen X” myself, and we apparently seek “balance and perspective” along with career mobility and dynamic work and learning environments. We take courses and enjoy “just-in-time learning”. With this stance on work, the write up on the “Millennials” scared me: They are more “laidback”. They are more interested in doing than “knowing” because knowledge has a half-life with the pace of information-technology today. “Therefore reading copious chapters about a topic is a total waste of time to them”. “Because their learning more closely resembles Nintendo than logic, with a focus on trial and error, they need close supervision in a clinical setting {the article focused on training nurses in the medical field}. They are accustomed to spell-check, so they do not waste time on learning how to spell correctly. They have zero-tolerance for delays, and because the Internet is available 24/7, they have an expectation of instant attention from faculty and peers.”

Where are the future brain-surgeons, nurses, lawyers and the like going to come from? Where will the researchers and academics appear from? How will society function if it is run by a bunch of Millennials who are interested in ‘trial and error’? I’m totally drained by the learners in my class this year who have taken the notion of “sapping me of all I have, whilst doing the bare minimum for themselves and giving no thanks to anyone for anything”, to a whole new, exhausting level. They want attention all the time and throw tantrums if they don’t get it, at 18 years of age!

I approached a colleague with the article and she said to me that knowledge is created when two different ideas merge. You learn and get idea one, and then learn some more and get idea two, then a light-bulb turns on as you put the ideas together and new information, theories, ideas and developments are created. If there is no learning of the former or the latter, then what? How can new knowledge be created if there is nothing there to start with?

Point in example: in my learning I have combined sources of knowledge to create my own theories. I.e. Knowledge 1: In 1998 I studied psychology and was introduced to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: the lower base of the pyramid hosting the ‘Physiological’ (immediate survival and comfort; shelter, food, sleep, sex). Second tier: Safety. Third: Love and Belonging (acceptance). Fourth: Esteem (achievement). Fifth: Self-Actualisation and finally, right at the top: Transcendence (finding an identity beyond the self and experiencing the world in awe).

Then I throw in Knowledge 2: In teaching Dramatic Arts and Medieval Theatre I was reminded of my school learning of the Feudal System and the hierarchy consisting of the lowest, biggest part of the triangle belonging to Peasants, then up to Knights, then Nobles and the peak of the pyramid hosts the King.

Knowledge 3: Various interactions with Body-Mind-Soul writings and practicings, mainly “Conversations with God” in this example of merging knowledge and ideas together… so I put these “Knowledges” alongside each other and get the following concept…

It’s living a life of action, knowledge-retention and experience-gathering that moves one up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I’m currently sitting in the Self-actualisation and Transcendence tiers for the most part. When I attend a Body-Mind practice, I am feeding into the lower, first base, foundational tier. This lower tier is the biggest segment in the pyramid and it holds everything else up, so it is vitally important. When I parallel that to the Feudal System, My Soul and Transcendence pairs with the “King” tier, and my Body with the “Peasant” tier. Thus “getting in tune and healthy with my Body” is not so much about “balance” as the King/Soul can never be at the same level as the Peasant/Body, but instead it is more about understanding and compromise between each tier.

Like the Feudal System Hierarchy (this analogy possibly being the only useful thing for the ‘System’) where the Peasants are the foundation of the well-being of a kingdom, the Body is the foundation of the well-being of each human being. Yet, even though the King/Soul appears to be in the minority, it is the source of peace, or lack thereof. The King has to work with Peasants who live by the minimum, doing only the work they have to, so that it is not too ‘difficult’ for them; and the eternal Soul has to fight against a Body that has to degenerate and doesn’t want to reach Transcendence because that is too ‘difficult’ and it prefers focusing on food and sex. The easiest tier for the bottom to forget is the top, so the Soul is neglected; and the King is kept at a distance.

Now, this is where my example ties in all three ideas… Yet, like the King, the Soul holds the power. The Soul will make the final decision of: life or death. The Soul will decide on the direction of the Body’s journey. If the Body doesn’t like the Soul’s decision, then the lower forces will respond. The Body will adopt depression; the ego will choose vanity, gossip, propaganda, nastiness and manipulation. Thus the Soul becomes despondent because the Body, which is made to follow in the carefully chosen and created way, doesn’t. There is no cohesion, no compromise. There is discontent. It could also be that the Body knows the Soul has made an unhealthy decision, but the Soul is not listening in the System either.

The only way for the hierarchy to be a well-functioning system, as every tier exists, is for all levels to receive: attention, help and appreciation from all other levels. Body, must be looked after, Mind must be fed, and Soul must be allowed to move into Transcendence without the Body refusing the movement. The instruments, lyrics and voice must come together for a human being to achieve all s/he was created to achieve in harmony.

I realise this is a totally random example, but, if I had forgotten the Maslow I learnt in 1998, the Feudal System imparted to me around 1995 and again in 2006, along with the Body-Mind-Soul information 2005-2014, then I would never have come up with any ideas or understandings at all. The Soul must Transcend, the Body will degenerate and the Mind is the bridge between the two fighting forces; it’s the arbitrator that needs information to keep the peace and reconcile the polar opposites. What happens when it stops storing information? What happens when the Mind gives up? Sodom? Is that when humanity officially hands itself over to artificial intelligence? Is that when we have to trust computers because humans chose apathy and disinterest instead of learning? Lord, Help Us!

Beginning August

2 August 2014
I must admit that my blogging has decreased to a bare minimum on this site. I’ve been trying my hand at posting on LinkedIn because it provides a greater audience than here, where I have no marketing at all. I have the odd soul checking in here once-in-awhile, but I haven’t had any viewing : ‘April’s Fool’ for I have no idea how long, but I haven’t posted anything on there in that long so it’s no surprise. All my great ideas to write the novel for Angel appear to have dissipated into the brick-work of working life and keeping my stress-levels as low as possible. I’m slowly starting to feel myself coming out of the chronic fatigue and I don’t want to go and mess up the healing progress so that I end up back where I was. I do not EVER want to end up back as tired and sore as I was, ever. It was horrific!

Updates on my random postings over my time on here… the appeal to the Commissioner over the car that was sold to me fraudulently appears to have been thrown out as a waste of their time with no valid reason, evidence or correspondence with me to tell me why. I replied to one email I received over a month ago, but I didn’t receive a “receipt” reply, so God is the only being that knows what’s going on there; crooks getting away with fraud and under-handed dealings as I see it. Sadly, that verdict is nothing new in our ‘modern’ society.

My photograph ‘exhibition’. The lady sent me an email telling me to collect the samples I’d glued and created according to her criteria. Turns out her ‘pop-up’ shop has been ‘popped down’. Their premises were taken away from them, so they were getting rid of stock. She’s operating from a ‘stall’ in the mall now, until they have finished renovations. THANK THE LORD I did not rip up and glue every single picture frame, and I waited with samples first. Amen to that. Otherwise I would’ve been stuck with useless picture frames. Glad I listened to my instinct on the matter. I have now ventured into a Home Industries store and the owner took 5 photos into the store on consignment, so that’s in God’s Hands (not a sale in the 48 hours they’ve been there…); His sunrises in frames waiting to be taken up and inspire someone. God’s Will be done, because I don’t have a clue what He is up to! I was just BLEAK the opportunity was taken away… sigh…

The Pass-It-On Books, I found one that was supposed to have been taken overseas sitting in the staffroom being unused… nice one, not! Oh well. Looks like the second one has been lost in the mail too, but the card that was with the book was received… I think… I haven’t had a reply to my text message to England on that one. The one’s that went to Asia were passed on to a guy from Thailand, a tour operator and a representative who was going to the Common Wealth Games. My three that were headed for Ireland: one got to Ireland, the other ended up in Scotland and the third, strangely enough, was also handed to a different representative going to the Common Wealth Games. How amazing. I wonder if the two people with the different books will run into each other? That would probably be quite a conversation point for them. I received no feedback on the Greece and Turkey headed books, so who knows? God alone! I’m currently covering 2 for Arab Emirates and 4 for England. Friends are visiting, so I’m cashing in on the free international distribution. Next FREAKY thing with regards to this project was that last week I went to the Durban Film Festival and watched a movie called “Swim Little Fish Swim” and in the film the lead male had a PASS IT ON BOOK! He says in the film that the book started its rounds in the 1970s and it was for people to fill in the best way to live life / be inspired / life lessons and the like. I was in absolute AWE! This confirms that my Maslow Hierarchy of Needs status is sitting at the level of Transcendence :-) which is fabulous! Apparently that’s what the media waves around us do: Bring to us what we are thinking of and feeling, our Selves amplified on radio, TV and movies!

Ahhh, and the crowning moment I have forgotten: One of my plays has been published online by ‘Off The Wall’ Publishers; and the same play on Booksie (now deleted) has received over 3200 views! Amen to that :) Have a Blessed week! Keep taking a step a day to turn your dreams into a reality.

Pass-it-On-Book Distribution Lessons

I’m writing this blog as an observational ponderance on the PASS-IT-ON Books that I originally set out to create and pass-on in about March this year. The theory behind them was threefold:
1) For me to spend money and time on something and not keep it, but instead to give it away without expecting anything in return.
2) To get people to interact with each other in person by passing it on from one hand to another and jointly participate in the act of passing on good thoughts and good energy, without ANY technological or electronic anything being involved.
3) For me to pass over control to God, for me to have faith that one day a book would have made it around the world and God would return it to me.

So I set out to follow the calling of getting 100 A5 Books covered in inspirational collages and contact plastic and passed on to 100 people around the world by the end of 2014. Through trial and error I learnt that some pens don’t last under the contact glue. I learnt that people need exact instructions (yet others still don’t follow them and do what they feel like). I learnt that I had to write and ask people not to write on the back of each page as ink bleeds. With the enthusiasm of a child I went about giving away the small creations made with love, given for free and in the faith that their journey would be one that inspired a few people along the way.

5 months and 72 books later, the lessons for me have evolved.
1) I have learnt that many people are not inspired. They walk around daily without a passion or drive or anything that makes them feel joy inside. One person received the book over a month ago and I visited him recently and it was still on his coffee table. He said he didn’t understand what to do… The instructions on the first page read like this: “Please fill in a line with a quote or inspirational thought and pass on as soon as possible. If you can’t think of anything, pass on anyway. Please don’t hang on to the book.” I was amazed that a man with a dean’s list qualification in one of the highest positions a company has to offer couldn’t understand what “fill in and pass on” meant!
Further to this, peoples’ responses have varied to such extremes it has shocked me. From “I always knew you were strange, I’ll just tell the next person that…” to “That is such an incredible idea, you are so inspiring!” “How odd.” “Amazing idea!” “Seriously?” “I’d love to, may I have two?”
2) Far more people in the world have control issues than just me. “But don’t you want it back?” “Surely you want to control where it goes?” No, I’m giving them away and trusting that one day I’ll find one complete somewhere in the world. “Are you serious?” Yes, very serious. Take it and give it away…
3) People fear what others will think of them. They don’t know who to pass it on to. They don’t know who will accept it; they don’t know who to choose. They are worried about what they will look like passing on the book. One girl has had a book since April and I spoke to her this weekend, she’d filled it in, but hasn’t passed it on… Then other people filled it in with a random “It was fun” comment and no idea that their words are possibly going to travel around the globe and last longer than their lifetime! They just didn’t get it. Some knew straight away what their life motto was and they were keen to share it with the world. Yet, some fear what the world may think of them, appearances mean that much to them.

I’ve now realised that if/when I do manage to see a completed book it will truly be a miracle in itself.

The exercise has served to shock me. The diversity of peoples’ reactions and ability to love and share and find joy are galaxies apart… this has saddened me and left me with the prayer that God will help people to let go and share and realise that in their sharing they will come to know that there is nothing to fear and only love, inspiration and joy to be gained… Please Lord, in Your Name I pray. Amen.

Whoop Whoop – Signed and sealed on Germany! & 14.7.2014

God is AWESOME! So thrilled that He gave me the idea for the antagonist’s nationality through the World Cup Football.
SOOO Clever :-)
German (2014) guy and his Spanish (2010) girlfriend – bring on the story!

Today is also a great day via numerology so that “signs” and seals it further – 14.7.14 … add two sevens to get 14, then a 7 and then it’s once again 2 sevens in 14 :-) So we have the birth year 1977 ;-) to go with my niece’s birthday 7 June…. Nice!

Ohterwise – I’m currently working on the frames for my photography ‘exhibition’… I think I’ve solved the wall hanging vs standing story… I think. I have to wait 24hours for the glue to dry and then I shall test it…holding thumbs (well picture frames actually! ;-) I’m full of all the puns this evening – Double Nice!

Still trying different holistic healing options to try and get rid of the wheat/gluten etc intolerances I wrote about in ‘Eish! London’… one day I’ll figure out how to accept with joy… or I’ll just keep trying different options. Today: Body Talk, http://www.bodytalksystem.com/learn/bodytalk/

We shall see.
Be blessed, know you are loved and sleep WELL!

Yay for antagonist selection via World Cup Football

Super stoked! Looks like my prediction from the beginning was right :-) I may just get Germany as the winning World Cup Team! Brilliant.
That means I can write in the 2010 date of selection for the host nation into my novel and have the antagonist as a German…
May as well go with it now, whoever wins the final…
Hmmm… Go Germany ;-)

“April Fool” Novel, on we go…